High performance,
low overhead teams
Data Scientists
Data Engineers
Full Stack Devs
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At any stage of your analytics journey, you need the right building blocks to make sense of all the data.

Each Talented Team is brought together by a dedicated People Manager on site, keeping members efficient and healthy.

Cases & Categories

Our teams have worked on
complex projects across varying industries

Airlines - UX/UI Design
Rethinking the customer’s digital experience
  • User Experience Design and Prototyping for ticket booking app and physical kiosks in airports
  • User interface and Interaction design
  • Digital Product Deployment and management
Aluminum Smelting - Data Science
Creating a Yield Optimization Engine
  • Diagnose quality, availability/accuracy of sensor data and human input
  • Continuous process automation
  • Semi-supervised learning
Energy - Communication
Animating Complex Ideas for Org-wide Appreciation
  • Script development & storyboarding of dense information into digestible content for mass consumption
  • Style development and Animation
  • Sound design, Voice Over, and Mastering
Energy - Data Science
Building Smart Predictive Maintenance
  • Root cause identification
  • Predictive maintenance using Long Short Term Memory models
  • Prescriptive interventions routes
Finance - Data Science
Understanding decline in overall spending
  • Unsupervised Learning to classify customers
  • Supervised Learning to explain changes in spending
  • Code-based visualization to measure impact of interventions
Mining - Data Science
Applying Advanced Analytics to Supply Chain
  • Digitized supply chain process
  • Anomaly detection
  • Robotic process automation
Mining - Data Science
Digital transformation of Operations
  • Cloud data platform
  • Predictive maintenance using Long Short Term Memory models
  • Digital Maintenance Work Management
Oil & Gas - Data Science
Setting Up Downstream Digital Transformation
  • Cloud data platform
  • Digital Maintenance Work Management
  • Short Interval Control
Railroads - Data Science
Designing Service Schedule Optimizations
  • Encoding of physical constraints
  • Optimization of schedules using mixed integer linear programming
  • Train scheduling interface
Railroads - Data Science
Using Data to Reduce Work-Related Injuries
  • Visualization to understand sources and root causes
  • Injury prediction using gradient boosted trees
  • Recommendation engine for systemic interventions with random forest
Travel & Leisure - Data Science
Building a Consolidated Data Platform
  • Fleet management
  • Route and service optimization
  • Dynamic pricing / revenue management
Travel & Leisure - Data Science
Strategic Planning with Loyalty Simulations
  • Merging of multiple loyalty programs and benefits
  • Customer behaviors simulation
  • Features testing using Discrete Choice Model
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Presence in North America, Eastern Europe, Middle East, India, and the Philippines.

We charge daily. Our most junior people (e.g., 1-2 years experience) charge $150/day while our most senior (e.g., University professors) charge up to $3000/day.

Healthy Teams = Amazing Work

We invest in our people, you reap the benefits.

Personal health, efficient communication, & workplace environment are work-related problems we’re all too aware of.

In our formation of teams and the tools they need to work, we’re constantly searching for ways to enable the very best in performance.

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